In the year of 1929 the founder of the company Dear Mr. Veyis Koçak is established the family company which is called "KOCAK TICARETHANESI" in a 18 m² space at the Teyfikiye Street in the Konya city. After his sons Mustafa and Ali İhsan Kocak continued to the bussines activities in the following years. Mustafa Kocak moved at the year 1956 to the Istanbul city and he is established his own private company of transportation which is called Selcuk Konya Transportation. After year 1956 Ali Ihsan KOCAK takes the management of the business back. In that time the production range was enlarged with technical hardware in addition to the varieties have been added. Thus, our business has continued to develop itself.

After 1964 - 1968 as the 3 th generation the sons Mehmet Kocak and Mithat Kocak started working as an apprentice. The growth continued rapid at the business and at the year of 1973 in addition to our Trading company Mr. Mehmet Kocak is established in Konya city the first Technical Hardware Sales and Marketing branch in Motorized vehicles industry area.

At 1985 the first workplace which is established in the Tevfikiye Street kept off and the company continue to its business development of our trading in the Motorized vehicles industry area. 

Our rapidly growing business in the year 1990 have transformed into an incorporated company. The company partner Mr. Mehmet Kocak was killed on 27/10/1992 in İstanbul in an unfortunate traffic accident  which was on the way out to the dealers meeting. 

With our company principles of fair trade, high quality, mechanical, electrical and electronics, fabricators, manufacturers, factories and many other professionals working branches and to the end users adapt to emerging technologies have accelerated the growth of our company.

Parallel to these developments after the date of 01.04.2006 the company have moved to Fevzi Cakmak region. Busan Private Organized Industrial area in 10642.street No :32-34-36 Karatay / KONYA address. We are currently still serving at this address.

Our production range in our company has grown day by day and around 50 000 varieties are found in our in sales and marketing program. Technical hardware, cutting tools, and other hardware products etc.etc.From JAPAN, GERMANY, TAIWAN, CHINA, KOREA and FRANCE CNC machine tools and hand tools are also imported. Our company having closed 6800 m² working area with 51 employees our company serves under modern, spacious, contemporary plaza and we strive to provide the best service for you. Our 2015 minimum endorsement is 38 million usd and we are planning to increase this amount upto 12 %.

Currently under the direction of our company as Chairman has Mithat Kocak finally 4th generation of the Veyis - Ihsan - Emrah KOCAK took place in the company. We are trying best to creating more employment,doing import and export and will continue to serve our industrialists, manufacturers and to our colleagues. 

Also Ihsan Kocak AS company does not supply any product to and is not involved in any kind of military-related activities.